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Torque Multipliers

Torque Multipliers

The company offers a wide range of Torque Multipliers in the international market. Hand Torque Multipliers that we supply in the market are used for the tightening and loosening of the nuts and bolts by providing very high torque. They are available in various ranges, compact designs and perform smooth operation. In addition to this, we are one of the reputed Torque Multiplier Exporters and Suppliers in India.


"Cuts Down Man Power Requirements"



Sapsons Torque Multipliers are having compact alloy steel, epicyclical gear units, designed for tightening and loosening of nuts and bolts by providing very high torque economically. Sapsons Torque Multipliers is interposed between a standard Torque Wrench and the Socket, and the reaction bar/bracket is allowed to rest against any convenient solid object. The operator then has effective leverage of Torque Wrench 5 times or 25 times or 125 times the length of the wrench being used in to the input side of the gear unit. All standard single stage gear units are having the multiplication ratio of 5:1. The gear units are compounded to give 25:1or 125:1 provides the equivalent of 4 extra manpower to the user.

Output Torque = Input Torque X Multiplication Factor.
In limited work place, use of Torque Multiplier generates high Torque, with precision and ease. In many cases it eliminates dismantling of nearby equipment. Throughout the world thousands of Torque Multipliers are used everyday for maintenance job, Production and Servicing, where high torque is applied.

Torque Multipliers Can also Be Used to Ease Manual Tube Expansion in Drums of Water Tube Boilers or in Confined Areas.


  • Various Models available ranging from 170 to 4845 Kgm.
  • Compact design, smooth in operation.
  • Models available with multiplication ratio of 5:1, 25:1 and 125:1.
  • Standard slide mount Reaction Bar and slotted bracket adopts readily to most applications.
  • Special reaction arms are available for difficult applications.



  • Cover small bolting as well as the larger application because of wide range of available models.

  • Uniformity of bolting, minimum flange distortion and less likelihood of leaks.

  • Cuts down Manpower requirements, reduces opertor fatigue, as a result saves Money.

  • In high Torque applications, final torques are achieved with very low input torque. With higher multiplication ratio, very less operator fatigue.

  • No special reaction bars required for blind flanges, Heat Exchangers, channel covers etc.

  • Capable to provide reaction bar for any applications.


  • One man can tighten or loosen the toughest nut or bolt with complete safety.

  • Compact efficient design provides greater ease and safety in handling and operating.

  • Designed to be used with standard tools, hand torque and air-driven non-impact type wrenches.

  • Planetary gears and all alloy steel construction assure minimum mechanical loss through distortion.

  • A standard sliding reaction bar meets practically all normal requirements.