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Nylon Tip Hammer

Nylon Tip Hammer

SAP Nylon Tip Hammer made by us is ideal for light and medium blows on soft or thin materials and polished works. Our Soft Faced Hammer is suitable for craftsmen, assemblers, instruments and model makers. These hammers have seasoned wood handle that is strong and reliable. Moreover, we are one of the top Nylon Tipped Hammer Manufacturers and Suppliers in India.

Balanced metal head with screw-in type plastic faces of medium hardness. Easy to replace when worn-out. For extra ordinary hard job SPL (Nylon) Screw-in faces are also available.

We also manufacture best quality raw hide hammers as per customer requirements.

Model. No. Dia. Of Face Approx Weight
SP-X 7/8" 160 Grms.
SP-0 1" 200 Grms.
SP-1 1-1/4" 290 Grms.
SP-2 1-1/2" 520 Grms.
SP-3 1-3/4" 730 Grms.
SP-4 2" 1150 Grms.
SP-5 2-1/4" 2000 Grms.
SP-6 2-1/2" 2500 Grms.
Ideal for light and medium blows on soft or thin materials and polished works. Suitable for craftsrmen, Assemblers, Instruments & model Markers.
SAP soft Faced Hammers
  • Are invaluable as they protect men and machines against injury or damage.
  • Transmit full force of the blow without damaging the part struck and least damage to the hammers themselves.
  • Act as shock absorbers by bearing the brunt of the blow.
  • Are comparatively noiseless ensuring silence in otherwise noisy workshops where steel against steel is used.
  • Are non-spark and therefore quite safe to use in factories where fire hazards exist.

Special features of SAP nylon hammers
  • Specially seasoned wood handle strong and reliable. Security wedges and costly adhesives used for fixing the handles. Handles have oval easy grip shape for non-fatigue handling.
  • Balanced and finished metal heads turned by expert craftsmen for accurate faultless stroke, safe and effective even if used by unskilled men.
  • Strict supervision, constant check up during process ensures correct supplies.

Industries / Applications
  • Automobile, tractor and commercial vehicle factories, Engineering workshops and heavy engg. Industries.
  • Assembling and dismantling of component in machines.
  • Driving ball-bearings into shafts and housings.
  • Panel beating and general sheet metal works.
  • Fitting gudgeon pins, gears and bushes.
  • Winding electric motors and for electrical Equipment workshops.
  • Making and repairing any article that requires a blow that do not damage the part struck.
  • Textile mills for pirn winding machines, barber colman winding machines, reachering machines and modern precision machines.

SAP soft faced hammers and mallets are designed to transmit the whole force of blow safely and effectively.
“SAP” mallets are recommended when the maximum area of hammering face is required or minimum weight of blow is necessary. It is important to choose the correct type for every job. Any special type mallet can be made to specifications.

All types of spare faces are available easy to replace.The hammer will be exactly like new just by replacing the faces when worn-out.
  • Remove the old face either by drilling hole in the cavity of the hammer head or screwing out the old face.
  • Clean the head and insert the new face. Press on an arbour press or vice in case of thurst-in type face. Screw-in the face in case of screw-in type refill.

Though SAP hammers are carefully inspected before despatch, if manufacturing defects such as loose handle, loose face or in-correct heads are found, we guarantee to replace the unused hammers.